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Spruce Point Capital Management, LLC is a New York based investment manager founded in 2009. The firm focuses on short-selling, value, and special situation investment opportunities. The firm conducts in depth fundamental research and takes an activist approach to investing.
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Took some heat last year on the short $DBX #Dropbox call last year, but seems to be playing out. COO is leaving and company is cutting 11% of its workforce. Shares have been a huge post #COVID19 #technology #laggard…

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@zerohedge "one-time" item, they will "pro forma" adjust the earnings next quarter. the "pro forma" adjusted earnings will count toward the annual bonus calculation

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gfl // August 21, 2020

Short Seller Spruce Point Says GFL Understates Debt; Stock Falls

Shares of waste management company GFL Environmental Inc. fell as much as 12% after a New York hedge fund released a report questioning its accounting and its “aggressive and opaque business model.”


gfl //

Trash Giant GFL Environmental Is a Doubtful Bet, Shortseller Says

Trash hauler GFL Environmental was one of this year’s biggest initial public offerings when it raised US$2.2 billion in its March debut. More than a hundred acquisitions have made the Canada-based company one of North America’s largest waste collectors. But the stock (ticker: GFL) slid 8% on Tuesday in the wake of a critical report by the activist shortselling firm Spruce Point Capital Management. It recovered partially on Wednesday, rising 2.5% to $20.


fsct // May 18, 2020

A Deal to Take a Software Provider Private Is Delayed and a Short-Seller Wins Big

Sometimes the smart money really is smart. Stock in software provider Forescout Technologies (ticker: FSCT) was down more than 20% Monday morning after the company said its pending acquisition by private-equity firm Advent had been delayed, leaving investors to wonder what’s next.


ctc // December 21, 2019

Counterpoint: Short sellers like us create real value for public markets by telling Canadian investors the truth

As public short sellers, we at Spruce Point Capital Management are no strangers to criticism of our bearish research. So it comes as no surprise that an outspoken business commentator has defended Canadian Tire from our critical report and disdains Canadian short-selling practices.


Upcoming Appearances

Sept. 28, 2020

Georgetown University @ 2pm

Sprucepoint to be a Guest Lecturer at Georgetown University, on the topic “Welcome To The Investing Jungle: Guns & Roses, And Everything I Didn’t Learn In School To Prepare Me For Wall Street”

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March 6, 2019

Spruce Point on “The Ticker” @ 2:05pm EST

Tune in to Mr. Axler on Yahoo Finance’s The Ticker.

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March 4, 2019

Canadian Club Toronto @ 12:00 pm

Join Canadian Club Toronto on March 4 for an insightful conversation with a leading US activist to discuss why Canada is such fertile ground and what opportunities he sees.

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March 7, 2019

CFA Society New York @ 5:00 pm

A rising tide has lifted all boats the past nine years due to unprecedented monetary stimulus from central banks in response to the Global Financial Crisis; however, the tides are shifting and we may soon find out who has been swimming naked.

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