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Welcome to Spruce Point Capital Management

Spruce Point Capital Management, LLC is a New York based investment manager founded in 2009. The firm focuses on value and special situation investment opportunities, particularly in the small and microcap sector. The firm conducts in depth fundamental research and takes and activist approach to investing. 

We named our firm after the Spruce tree, which we believe embodies characteristics we strive to achieve:

Stability - Believed to be among the oldest trees dating beyond 10,000 years old
Diversity - Durable tree with multiple end uses and applications
Growth - Recognized as one of the 5 tallest trees in the world
Global - Found across the globe from North America, Europe and Asia
Green - Symbolizes prosperity, health and environmentalism

The Spruce Point Capital team of professionals has a combined 20 years of experience on the Street, and draws on a diverse range of work experiences in asset management, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, market research, trading, and risk management.

Spruce Point Capital Management

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